What Is a Live-In Caregiver? Everything You Need to Know!

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If you’re wondering, “What is a live-in caregiver?” we have the information you need!
Have you ever wondered, "What is a live-in caregiver?" or "What does a live-in caregiver do?"

This increasingly popular option benefits both the person receiving care and the caregiver, but it isn’t right for everyone. Review these frequently asked questions about live-in caregiving so you can make the most informed decision about this unique care model.

What Is a Live-in Caregiver?

Live-in care provides peace of mind to someone who lives alone or just wants to know that help and support are available if needed. Different from around-the-clock care, where multiple caregivers rotate so that someone is always awake and alert 24/7, a live-in caregiver has designated hours to work as well as to rest, while residing in the person’s home.

What Care Services Are Provided?

Care needs are specific to the individual, but can include helping the person with getting up in the morning, getting dressed and ready for the day, preparing meals, offering companionship, providing transportation, light housekeeping, and getting ready for bed at the end of the day.

Where Does the Caregiver Sleep?

One of the requirements of live-in care is that a private bedroom is provided for the caregiver’s downtime and sleep. The caregiver needs to have uninterrupted periods to rest, but is available if an emergency should arise.

What Is the Typical Pay for a Live-In Caregiver in San Diego?

Pay and benefits vary widely among employers, but the average compensation for live-in care in San Diego is around $24 per hour (as of August 2023). Sometimes, an arrangement may be made for caregiving to be provided in exchange for room and board.

Are There Any Qualifications Needed to Provide Live-In Care?

For an entry-level position, a high school diploma, successful passing of a background and drug check, and CPR certification are often required. Expect an extensive interview process as well. If you have never worked as a professional caregiver but have provided care for a family member, this may be considered by employers as appropriate experience.

Additionally, successful caregivers possess physical strength and stamina, good time management and organization skills, patience, and compassion.

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