What Kinds of Jobs Can You Get With a CNA License? We Have the Answer

A caregiver is standing outside of a home with an older gentleman
What jobs can you get as a CNA? Learn about the types of caregiving opportunities available.
Whether you are new to the profession or just looking for a job change, you may be wondering what kind of jobs can you get with a CNA license or where can CNAs work besides nursing homes? 

Currently, certified caregivers can pick and choose which roles are best for them because the job market has plenty of opportunities. But there are caregiving positions available that you may not have considered in your job search. Before accepting that next position, see if one of these popular jobs where you can use your CNA credentials might be more suitable for you.

  • Non-medical care. Though you may be certified to handle home health care needs, a non-medical position provides the opportunity to connect on a personal level with your client. You’ll offer companionship, engage in activities and pastimes that are enjoyable and fulfilling for the person, prepare meals, and help with light housekeeping and laundry.
  • Senior care. Specializing in senior care directly in people’s homes or in an assisted living facility is highly rewarding for many care professionals. It’s a way of giving back to the older population who gave so much to our society throughout their lifetimes, and who have such rich history and stories to share and learn from.
  • Pediatric home care. For children with complex or chronic medical health conditions, receiving care at home is more comfortable and convenient. In this role, you’ll not only be caring for a child, but providing needed relief and support to their family members.
  • IDD care. If you have a heart for those with intellectual or developmental disabilities, consider a career as a direct support professional. Your goal will be to encourage, guide, and train the person to lead as independent and fulfilling a life as possible.
  • Home health. As a CNA, you have the opportunity to provide a more clinical level of care than uncertified caregivers: administering medications, drawing blood, inserting IVs, monitoring vital signs, and more. This is a great role for someone pursuing a career as a registered nurse to gain valuable experience.

Each of these caregiving roles is incredibly rewarding. With so many options available, it can be overwhelming to sift through opportunities to find the CNA job that is best for you.

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