What’s in It for Them? Bolstering Your Benefits Package to Entice Quality Caregivers

Coworkers honoring a fellow employee with flowers
Our experts in senior care staffing explain how to entice quality caregivers with the benefits that truly matter to them.
The job market is hot at the moment, particularly for job seekers.

This is especially true in the home care industry. As more and more agencies are reaching out for new caregivers, potential caregivers are wondering, “What’s in it for me? Why should I choose this job among a sea of opportunities?”

In today’s market, the availability of jobs open to professional caregivers is virtually infinite, and they are free to choose the agency, facility, or private duty case that suits them. A standard package of benefits often just doesn’t cut it these days. In order to entice quality caregivers to join your company, you have to offer benefits that mean something to them and get creative with solutions that work for them.

What Are You Bringing to the Table?

Investing in your caregivers is the best way to get and keep them. A leading factor in ensuring employees stay at a company for more than five years is strong workplace benefits. If you’ve noticed a caregiver exodus in recent years or are struggling to hire, it may be time to take a look at the benefits your agency is bringing to the table.

Do your benefits help employees meet a need? Do they bring anything of value to their lives? A good way to answer these questions is to poll your current caregivers. Find out how your existing benefits package stacks up or if there are certain perks that could make their lives at work and at home easier. If possible, make this an anonymous survey to ensure team members can be honest with their feedback on your current package as well as their personal needs.

The following are some tips to help you evaluate and bolster your employee benefits in order to attract more and better caregivers to your team:

  • Pay competitively. Money may not be everything in a job, but it is a top priority for most employees, especially those in traditionally lower wage jobs. One of the first things caregivers will ask is, “How much do you pay?” Today’s wages are considerably higher than they were just a couple of years ago, so it may be time to reevaluate yours. Do some market research and make sure your agency is offering a pay rate that is in line with (or higher than) your competitors.
  • Consider offering overtime. With the caregiver shortage, getting creative with benefits can be key. If raising wages isn’t an option, there is another way to ensure caregivers get the pay they desire. Often, overtime is seen as a negative and something to be avoided. While it does increase expenses, it can also be a benefit to caregivers who want to work more hours. This is a benefit that employees can take control of. Knowing they can depend on working more hours when they need the extra income is job security for them and results in a lower turnover rate for you.
  • Provide health insurance. Health insurance is a necessity, especially for employees with existing health issues or family members in need of coverage. It is also a seemingly rare benefit for caregivers. Offering health insurance coverage can be a huge plus for caregivers looking for new opportunities, and it can make caregiving seem like an inviting career for those looking to make a job move.
  • Provide PTO. As we all know, caregiver burnout is real, and caregivers who take the time to care for themselves are better at their jobs. Offering paid time off can position your agency as an employer of choice for caregivers who are looking for a good work-life balance.
  • Don’t neglect training and development. When employees feel comfortable in and knowledgeable about their jobs, they are much more likely to stay. Offering training in the beginning is an essential step in helping new caregivers feel capable in their roles. But ongoing training and development is a win-win for both caregivers and the agency. Caregivers get the opportunity to grow their skills, take on more responsibilities, and advance to other positions within the company. It also boosts performance, accuracy, and efficiency, and helps ensure that your agency has a top tier care team.
  • Highlight what you have. For businesses working on a shoestring budget, a major overhaul of your benefits package may not be feasible at the moment. If this rings true for you, it’s okay to highlight what you can offer, like flexible scheduling, a close-knit team environment, acknowledgement/rewards for meeting key metrics or length of employment, a chance to make a difference in the lives of your clients, etc. It can be tempting to downplay your benefits when you have less to offer than your competitors. However, many millennial workers, who will make up the majority of the workforce in the coming years, say that they would take a pay cut to work for a company that aligns with their values. So, are you communicating your values and positive work environment effectively? This is something to consider as you work to make your agency more competitive overall.

A thoughtful benefits package that is centered around what is best for employees is an essential feature that your agency should be using to entice quality caregivers. Take the time to comb through your offerings and find where your opportunities exist. A great place to begin the process is to speak with your current team. You may even find that they would like to learn more about what is already available to them.

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