Experts in Elderly In-Home Care in San Diego Share Top Tips for Recruitment

The caregiving shortage is nothing new in the care industry, but it is accelerating.

Nursing and home health staffing is one of the leading challenges faced by hospitals, nursing homes, home care agencies, and families alike. Those seeking healthcare or in-home caregiver jobs in San Diego, or any area for that matter, have a variety of options available to them. Our experts in elderly in-home care in San Diego have tips to help you find and retain the healthcare professionals you need.

How Can You Improve Your Caregiving Recruitment Rate?

  1. Reassess your job posting. Make sure it’s attention-grabbing and highlights the unique benefits caregivers will receive if they join your team.
  2. Make the application process simple. Having to fill out page after page of information to apply for a position causes many caregivers to give up and look elsewhere.
  3. Consider multiple interviews. Start with a brief phone screening to gather basic information and gauge your level of interest in the candidate before an in-person interview.
  4. Be flexible on your pay rate. An ideal candidate is worth negotiating with when it comes to salary.
  5. Provide training. There are many nurturing individuals who have never tried caregiving, but could excel with the right support.
  6. Accept life experience in lieu of formal caregiving experience. Someone who has raised children or cared for an elderly parent likely has the skillsets you need.
  7. Always run a background and reference check. Even that “friend-of-a-friend” should be screened to ensure there aren’t any red flags you need to be aware of.
  8. Value your staff. They are your greatest commodity and the heart and soul of your business. Recognize, reward, and appreciate them regularly. In the home care industry specifically, this can be difficult due to the nature of an on-the-go team. Still, it is a very important skill to master for effective home care recruitment.
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