Caregiver Job Rejection: 4 Reasons You’re Not Getting Hired and What to Do

They say it’s a caregiver’s market with tons of opportunities for work. While that may be true, the most coveted jobs – those with high pay, great benefits, and the flexibility you need – are sought after by the majority of job seekers. 

If you’re struggling to land the job that’s perfect for you, there are several key reasons that may be at play. Learn how to overcome caregiver job rejection by evaluating these four top causes and recommended solutions for each.

Why Am I Being Rejected for the Caregiving Jobs I Want?

See if any of these situations apply to you.

  1. Job hopping. A resume filled with lots of short-term positions is a red flag for employers. It indicates that you may be unreliable, difficult to work with, or unable to problem-solve. Employers want caregivers who will be with them long-term.
    • What to do: Provide a legitimate reason for each of your previous job terminations. For instance, you may have decided to return to school, your family may have moved, or you may have been testing the waters of different types of caregiving before deciding what type of work is most suitable for you. What you DON’T want to do is blame your previous employers or coworkers. Take ownership for your own actions and clearly explain your intention to be in it for the long haul this time.
  2. Bad references. If the references you provided had negative feedback about your missed shifts and late arrivals, for instance, potential new employers will be reluctant to add you to their team.
    • What to do: Choose references who will highlight your positive attributes. During the interview, accentuate your reliability. Share stories of times you picked up shifts for coworkers, worked later when needed, or in some way went above and beyond a previous employer’s expectations.
  3. Limited availability. While of course flexibility is important to you, being too limited in when you’re willing to work may cause you to miss a great opportunity.
    • What to do: Rethink your availability. Many employers are seeking caregivers willing to work weekend or evening shifts. And it may be possible to start with a less-than-desired shift and move into a shift you’d prefer in time.
  4. Not knowing your “why”. Employers want to know why they should hire you over other candidates. If you can’t clearly communicate what makes you stand out, with confidence, the employer is likely to choose someone who can.
    • What to do: Before your next interview, think through your top caregiving attributes. What particular skills and personality traits have you exhibited in past jobs? Do you have specialized dementia care training? Experience caring for a child with special needs? Achieved any “Employee of the Month” awards for going the extra mile? Write down the answer to why someone should hire you, and practice saying it aloud to a friend or family member before your next interview.

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