Anatomy of a Job Ad: How to Get Caregivers to Actually Apply

Applicant visiting a job search website
Find out how to get caregivers to actually apply to your job ads with this breakdown of how to write effective job ads.
Care providers across the country are in urgent need of care professionals to fulfill the needs of aging members of our community, and most are desperate to figure out how to get caregivers to actually apply to their job ads AND follow through. 

There are several factors that contribute to influencing care professionals to fill out an application, including where you post the ads, what benefits you offer, salary, brand reputation, etc. But the key to getting the attention of quality caregivers lies within the ad itself.

Too often, companies take a cookie-cutter approach to job ads — giving just the title of the position and a lengthy list of the skills required for the job. However, with a multitude of vacancies available, healthcare professionals have their pick of employment options, which means your job ad has to stand out from the crowd. Here’s how to construct a job ad that not only gets noticed, but makes caregivers click “apply” and follow through with fulfilling the job.

Relevant Job Title

Titles like “Senior Care Rockstar” and “Searching for Superheroes” may sound flashy, but what do they mean to someone looking for a job? And will they even be found by someone searching for a caregiving position? First impressions are crucial, and many of the buzzwords like rockstar, guru, and superhero are so overused that they become meaningless. Furthermore, job seekers don’t typically think of themselves as a “superhero” so they are not using that keyword in their search. Short, relevant job titles help potential employees narrow down their options when searching for the type of jobs they want and give an immediately clear sense of what the job entails. They also allow your job ads to be found in whichever job search engine you use.

To-the-Point Job Description

Too often, job postings contain paragraph after paragraph about the company history, values, mission statement, etc. before ever getting to the meat of what the job actually entails. A solid job description should stick to a clear explanation of what the job involves and what the candidate will do on a daily basis. While it is good to give a little background on the company, that can typically be handled after the job description.

A Brief List of Necessary Skills

Following the description of the position, outline the skills needed to succeed at the job. It can be tempting to lay out a laundry list of “nice to have” skills here, but these can actually discourage people from applying, as many will feel that if they don’t have all the skills, certifications, or education listed, they won’t receive a response and therefore, won’t waste their time applying. Stick to required skills only or be sure to clearly explain which skills are not requirements for hire.

We all know that experience is valuable, so is advanced education really a requirement? And perhaps there is even flexibility on experience level considering that even the best caregivers had to start from zero. In home care, for example, we need caregivers with solid, intangible skills and can train them to be the care professionals we need them to be. Flexibility will lead to a larger pool of applicants, and many who are grateful for the opportunity.

Offer Benefits that Truly Benefit Applicants

Possibly the most important aspect of any job posting, particularly in an employee’s market like the one we have currently, is what you can offer potential employees. Do some research and really listen in your interviews to find out what caregivers want most out of a job. Is it flexibility? If so, note in your job ad that your company offers flexible hours. Are applicants hoping to start working ASAP? Explain in your job ad that you can get caregivers matched with clients immediately.

Don’t Make Applying Painful

No one likes to jump through hoops when trying to advance their career. Oftentimes, employers require applicants to send a resume, answer qualifying questions, and also fill out an application that is essentially another version of their resume, which also includes answers to the experience-related questions they already answered. These unnecessary, drawn-out steps are going to lose qualified applicants along the way. A competing organization that has made the process simpler will win more applicants. Simplify your application process; collect the information you need one time, if possible, without making the process painful for applicants.

Let Help

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